Honey and Rye Bakehouse, located at the corner of 38th and Excelsior Blvd., in St. Louis Park, recently opened to a full house of people enjoying their artisan breads, delicious treats and much to our delight, fresh brewed Tiny Footprint Coffee and Espresso. We also delighted in their croissants, baguettes, sweet little Madelines, pumpkin scones…. okay, we could go on forever!

HandR Baking

This unique bakery started by Anne Andrus and Emily Ackerman–fast friends since meeting in the 6th grade in Little Falls, Minnesota–is a welcome addition to St. Louis Park.  The friends make a great team: Anne went off to study baking at the San Francisco Baking Institute and Emily’s talent as a graphic artist (crafted in the local advertising trade) shines through the graphic design and layout of the bakehouse, a former dry cleaners.

H&R Espresso Tuning

Focused on local, organic and sustainable foods, Honey and Rye Bakehouse is a perfect match for the sustainable work we do here at Tiny Footprint Coffee.  We have enjoyed working with them immensely and look forward to what the future holds especially with all of their yummy treats!

HandR Espresso Tunning2