Our reforestation partners in Ecuador—the Mindo Cloudforest Foundation—just launched a new USA based non-profit: Friends of the Mindo Cloudforest.


When you purchase Tiny Footprint Coffee, a portion of what you pay goes toward carbon offsets – in the form of reforestation projects in the Mindo Cloud Forest in Ecuador.  Now with MCF’s new non-profit you can get directly involved by making tax deductible contributions.  You can even visit them in Ecuador—we highly recommend it and just ask us how!


Straight from them:

“Mindo Cloudforest Foundation has just turned 12 years old, and we are very happy to present the new USA-based non-profit organization, “Friends of Mindo Cloudforest.” 

This new organization, headquartered in Vermont, has the important mission of helping create and motivate a support network, a friends club consisting of birders and conservationists who have visited us in Ecuador, others who plan to visit us, and also those who believe in our ideas from afar. Which one are you? You remember, don’t you, Mindo Cloudforest Foundation works to protect bird habitat, reforest and restore bird habitat and to foster birding tourism as an alternative land-use model in the Ecuadorian Andes. 

The hope is that our friends´ kind contributions will help bring true sustainability to our forest reserves, helping push new and better conservation ideas through our organization. 

Please visit www.friendsofmindo.org and be warned, in 2014 a more structured, concerted effort will be coming to request your donations.”


Check out their video here.