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The results are in: researchers from the University of Ghent, in Belgium are reporting that our reforestation partner in Ecuador, the Mindo Cloudforest Foundation (MCF), is at 107% of its reforestation based, carbon-offset project goals. We owe all of our customers and supporters a big thank you, because of you we were the initial catalyst and now continuing supporter of not only Ecuador’s only Rainforest Alliance validated standards project, but a project the regenerates critical habitat and creates sustainable jobs in one of the earth’s wettest, most bio-diverse spots right on the equator.

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“With deep gratitude Mindo Cloudforest Foundation our staff and all involved thank Tiny Footprint Coffee customers for their support of our CO2 mitigation project. It takes a team to put together a project like this, and we look forward to future collaboration in the fight against climate change.” – Brian Krohnke, President MCF.


Since its conception in 2009, Tiny Footprint Coffee has worked with the Mindo Cloudforest Foundation (MCF) to rehabilitate previously clear-cut portions of cloud forest in northwest Ecuador.  With a proof of concept start from us, and growing quarterly payments based on our sales, the project has grown over the past 7 years to include major funding from Telenet, a large Belgium telecom company (we’re still relatively tiny). To date, MCF has planted 533,291 trees and removed a calculated 282,799.48 metric tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. In addition to reforesting and restoring habitat MCF has three other active programs.


  • Conserving bird habitat in their old growth cloud forest reserves.
  • Fostering birding and other types of ecotourism
  • Facilitating scientific research of NW Ecuador’s cloud forests


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Learn more about MCF here, and get updates on their Facebook page