Barista Training

In order to keep our customers, class attendees, and employees safe all of our barista classes on are on hiatus until COVID-19 risk has abated. Please, check back with us, the classes will return better than ever. Tiny Footprint Coffee offers fun, interactive training classes for baristas of all skill levels. From the rookie home brewer, to the seasoned coffee shop veteran, and everyone in-between. Our classes provide insight and hands-on training to enhance your knowledge and bring fun to the coffee experience. So come on, join us.

Class Schedule

Class Descriptions

Barista Level 1

Overview of coffee history, sourcing, and roasting, in-depth lesson on espresso extraction and dialing in, in-depth lesson on micro-foam, practice making a complete drink. Register for Barista 1 here.

Latte Art

Quick barista 1 review, heart fundamentals made easy, practice with water, live practice, practice, practice, rosetta fundamentals, more practice. Register for Latte Art here.

Brewing Basics

Building recipes using golden cup theory, pour over brewing techniques, test recipes on Chemex, Kalita, and other devices, qualitatively and quantitatively evaluate results. Moving onto cold brew we’ll cover hands on, how to do it, what it costs and how much to charge, from small personal batches to filling a keg for Nitro on tap. Register for Brewing Basics here.


Learn the analysis of coffee flavor, quality, and aroma from the sample roaster to the cupping table. How we taste, how to cup, coffee descriptions, play the “name that coffee” game (blind tasting). Register for Cupping here.

Coffee Shop 101

What does it take to run a coffee shop? In this class we discuss the coffee entrepreneurship journey from ideation to implementation. Business planning, financing, market research, operations management, licencing, and beyond. Register For Coffee Shop 101 here.

Tree Planting