Flores Bajawa Ngura

May 18, 2016

Tiny Footprint Coffee is excited to announce the return of one of our favorite coffees, Flores Bajawa Ngura. It is an organic treat from the East Nusa Tenggara Province in Indonesia. A wet hulled and sundried coffee (Ngura translates to “Wet Hulled”), Bajawa Ngura is grown in volcanic loam soil at 1,200 – 1,600 meters ( 4,000 – 5,200 ft).

Flores is a small island on the Indonesian archipelago, located between Java and Timor, due south of Sulawesi. Best known for the recent discoveries of “Flores Man” (Homo Floresiensis, aka the “hobbit” Homo Erectus) and miniaturized elephant fossils is, ironically, the home of king sized rats, Komodo dragons and giant saltwater crocodiles. The avian population, including endangered endemics like the Flores Hanging Parrot and once thought to be extinct Flores Scops Owl, is under extreme pressure from persistent deforestation. A ray of hope is the organic/shade-grown/Rainforest Alliance certified coffee project launched in 2005 by the one name visionary Sirup (head of the Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Research Institute) and two farming communities.

A test separation of coffee beans

Over the past 11 years the project has vastly improved both the pay and the coffee processing options that the farmers have received. In fact, the farmers are now receiving above fair trade price for their cherry where they once faced a grim poverty-inducing 20-40% discount to the New York futures price. The help and support that Sirup’s project has lent to local farms in Flores has created opportunities for them to grow and produce exemplary coffee, all while protecting Flores unique environment.

Our Bajawa Ngura coffee is a particularly good example: the flavors are dark and rich but with low acidity and an elegant balance. Notes of semi-sweet chocolate and vanilla compliment the dark cherry and cola notes. The cup finishes with a light aroma of jasmine, perfected by our roaster in our medium roast. Head on over to our shop to pick up a bag of your own.

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