“You should have a cup, it’s great… it’s really good.”

March 20, 2014

Vice President Joe Biden was in Minneapolis earlier this month to discuss the Affordable Care Act and to host a fundraiser later that evening at The Bachelor Farmer.  He held the healthcare discussion at Moose & Sadie’s, (they serve Tiny Footprint Coffee and we recently highlighted them on our blog) with four independent business women to find out how the ACA is helping them.

Julie Peck, owner of Lucy’s Coffee Cafe in St. Paul (also a customer, that’s how we got the scoop), was one of the four who spent the whirlwind day with Biden and his secret service detail, said that Joe (she’s on a first name basis now) took notice that he was the only one drinking coffee at the beginning of the event and said to everyone at the table, “You should have a cup, it’s great… it’s really good.”

From all of us here at Tiny Footprint Coffee, we’d like to say, “Yes, Vice President Biden, we do roast “really good” coffee. And next time you are in Minneapolis, we invite you to stop by and take a tour of our roastery. Enjoy another great cup, while we chat about how we are having fun and prospering selling carbon negative coffee.  How taking climate change seriously is good business (we’ll quickly mention how we are also mediating the negative externality of coffee industry caused deforestation) through reducing and then more than offsetting our carbon footprint by planting trees.”

We also wouldn’t mind if you took a few bags of coffee back with you to Washington D.C. to share others – maybe even President Obama…

Special Thanks to Joe for the compliment and to Julie for alerting us – and of course to Peter for hosting the event at Moose & Sadie’s.  Also thanks to Abby Simons over at the Star Tribune for the photo.