Meet Our Friends at Longfellow Market

July 27, 2016

Since it’s beginning in 2010 Tiny Footprint Coffee has prided itself on maintaining local roots. Over the years, we’ve found homes in several coops and marketplaces around the Twin Cities, Longfellow market is just one example of the eclectic mix of locations that dedicate their shelf space to our carbon negative coffee.  Tucked into the quaint neighborhood on East Lake Street, Longfellow’s (as it’s informally known), has become a fixture shopping stop for residents of south east Minneapolis. Priding itself on a diverse mix of staple and specialty produce, Longfellow’s strives to keep business local. Family owned and community based Longfellow’s focuses on sourcing native Minnesotan brands.

Terry Mahowald, the General Manager at Longfellow’s, sat down to talk with us about the benefits of buying local, “We enjoy having local businesses here and our customers respond positively to local products.  That is why Tiny Footprint Coffee is a perfect fit for us.” A perfect fit indeed, becoming available in 2014, Tiny Footprint Coffee has grown immensely in popularity.  “We have customers who come to our market just for Tiny Footprint Coffee,” says Mahowald. If you’re looking for the widest variety of bulk options for our organic coffee, Longfellow’s is your best bet. They carry 16 different varieties of our beans in their bulk bins.

Beyond Longfellow’s community dedication, they also maintain a substantial amount of organic and ethically sourced items. Not only do they carry organic and fair trade products, Longfellow’s also makes sure their customers understand the benefits of buying green. They provide information about organic produce and tips on how to prepare sustainable meals. The staff is full of smiling faces and they’re willing to lend a hand whether it be choosing a piece of produce or planning a menu for a dinner party.  To further encourage buying local, Longfellow’s recently launched a new website providing an archive of information, trivia and recipes.

They have flattering words for us as well, “The Tiny Footprint customer support is fantastic.  The employees of Tiny Footprint are always here, helping, or cleaning up their display. We never run out of the coffee because deliveries are every week. So you know it’s fresh” says Terry. Such a compliment means a lot to us here at Tiny Footprint Coffee. Developing lasting relationships, friendships really, with our customers is an integral part of everyday life here at our roastery.

So stop in to say “hi” and grab a bag of coffee. You’ll be supporting a locally owned business, and a delicious coffee that helps fight climate change with every cup.