Now Serving: Tiny Footprint Coffee at SIMPLS

September 14, 2016

We’re all familiar with the half hour lunch break. We’re also familiar with how frantic it can be to search the maze of downtown Minneapolis skyways for a meal that’s healthy, tasty, and local for lunch. Luckily, there are a few gems hidden among the skyways– the latest being SIMPLS, a grab-and-go restaurant catering to all you skyway localvores.


Nestled on S. Marquette Ave and S. 6th St. across from the Wells Fargo Tower, SIMPLS embodies everything we at Tiny love about small, local businesses– a friendly staff, a fun atmosphere, and organic Minnesota-grown foods. That’s why we’re delighted to partner with SIMPLS and serve our organic coffee at their busy downtown location.


SIMPLS came to be thanks to friends Ryan Rosenthal and Michael von Fange, after they realized the options for quick and healthy lunches downtown were sparse. Taking matters into their own hands, the two co-founded SIMPLS in September 2014.


“We knew people had a short amount of time for a healthy meal,” Ryan said. “Most people don’t want to spend their whole break looking for lunch, especially a healthy one. We wanted to have a simple experience with simple ingredients here.”


The concept for SIMPLS is, as Ryan said, simple. The easy-going restaurant offers a variety of healthy foods in a convenience-store format. SIMPLS isn’t a place to sit down, but rather a place to pick up a tasty salad or healthy snack to enjoy outside, or perhaps back at the office with colleagues. Offering plenty of breakfast options such as granola bars and fruit, SIMPLS also offers more substantial options for lunch, such as housemade soups, salads and sandwiches.


simpls_04Among SIMPLS’ local offerings, you can find Sweet Science Ice Cream and St. Pops Popsicles from St. Paul, along with Minneapolis favorites Thumbs Cookies and popcorn from Maddy & Maize. With so many options, SIMPLS always lets you know if the product is local, organic, grass-fed or free-range.


To find such fresh and local products, Ryan said he frequently visits the farmers markets and keeps an ear open to what people are talking about most. When SIMPLS hears about a company or product they want to offer to customers, they’ll seek them out, just as they did with us at Tiny Footprint Coffee.


“We were looking for an organic, fair trade, local coffee company,” Ryan said. “An employee mentioned Tiny Footprint Coffee to us, and once Michael and I tried it we instantly fell in love. We support the same mission to be organic, locally owned, and sustainable,” he added.


This summer SIMPLS has been serving up Tiny Footprint Cold Press Coffee with the option to add homemade vanilla syrup– along with other hot coffee options, of course. On average, SIMPLS sells about 50 cups of coffee a day, but it’s a number that’s always growing.simpls_03


While SIMPLS offers many of Tiny’s roasts, our Ethiopian and Nicaraguan coffees have been especially popular. Ryan said that his team is constantly receiving positive feedback about Tiny Footprint Coffee, so he feels confident in the decision to serve our coffees.


“It means a lot to have a healthy relationship with Tiny Footprint,” Ryan said. “The customer service is great, and Alan is extremely genuine and cares about his product and clients.”


Just like Ryan and Michael, we at Tiny like to keep things simple too. Good coffee, good earth; You drink coffee, we plant trees.