Ruby’s Roost in Mayer, MN

May 19, 2016

This quaint little shop is, in the truest sense, a family run business. Linnea gets up before the crack of dawn each morning to begin baking that day’s treats. She has three little helpers (her daughters) in the kitchen which is attached just off the back of their home. When the baked goods leave the kitchen via Bob (husband and father), the girls take turns doing the dishes and cleaning, while Linnea gets Ruby’s Roost ready to open. Right at 7am Wednesday to Friday (8am on Sat & Sun), Bob is behind the espresso machine, ready to take Tiny Footprint espresso and turn it into any one of their deliciously crafted drinks. Linnea is stationed at the bakery case, waiting to greet you with a smile and a friendly hello. If you show up on a Saturday morning, you will catch their oldest daughter behind the register.

This shop is located just off the Dakota Rail Regional Trail, perfect for the touring cyclist to re-hydrate, or the local farmer to swing in for his morning cup of joe. Among the locals, this business is known for its superior coffee and high quality baked goods.


In case you haven’t heard yet, now is your warning:┬áin my opinion, there are several reasons to stop at Ruby’s Roost in Mayer, MN – but the most popular reason? the caramel cinnamon rolls. This baked good is what draws people in, from miles away. In my time there yesterday, I watched the bakery case go from 2 full pans of caramel cinnamon rolls, to a look of despair on the first customer who realized she had missed the day’s rolls. I was lucky enough to indulge in one myself and it was heavenly. Their menu┬áincludes a variety of other beverage options (including Kombucha), light sandwiches and Sebastian Joe’s ice cream.


It would be a shame if I didn’t share the story of Ruby. If you haven’t noticed already, none of the people who run the business are named Ruby. That’s because Ruby was the name of their family chicken. Ruby has since passed on, but her legacy remains throughout the shop. She even had her own picture commissioned as a mosaic (as seen directly behind the counter), on their mugs, in their logo…


And out front of the shop, next to their outdoor seating area and bike racks. Stop in and say hello to our friends at Ruby’s Roost in Mayer, MN, you’ll be glad you did.