We love Ethiopian coffees. About this time each year, we gather around our cupping table to taste and evaluate—and it seems like there’s always at least one impressive coffee from this East African country. With unique flavors paired with the intriguing stories from coffee’s birthplace, we return to these same coffees time after time.


Throughout the years, we’ve carried some of the best coffees that Ethiopia has to offer. Specifically, we’ve carried beans from the Worka Cooperative and the Suke Quto farm for several years. These two are a hard pair to measure up to, but we’ve found a noble contender: The Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Dama cooperative double-washed.

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This coffee comes from the Yirgacheffe Region, which is one of the three primary coffee growing regions in Ethiopia. It’s known for producing dense coffees with distinctive floral aromas and deep chocolate and cocoa tones in the flavor profile.  Jammy and floral, this coffee also has clean notes of peach, pear and jasmine which contrast against a cocoa laced body. In this case the washing (or wet-processing) was carried out in two 12-24 fermentation stages (this is when the fruit covered parchment is soaked after the skin is pulped) with a fresh spring water wash in between: double washed.  The result is great flavor with impeccable clarity.


The flavor profile is important when choosing coffee, but the story behind the beans is equally considered. Grown at an altitude of between 1750 and 2300 meters (5700- 7500 ft.), these beans are sourced from family-owned member farms of the Dama Cooperative, which is composed of close to 2000 members.

The Dama Cooperative operates under the umbrella of the Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (YCFCU), which was founded in 2002.

The YCFCU was created to ensure fair pay for beans and to maximize financial returns to coffee farmers, and it has since grown to represent 300,000 families from 23 different cooperatives. In conjunction with monitoring the fair trade of coffee beans, YCFCU also monitors the quality of coffee. To put it simply, our newest Dama coffee is regulated to be ethical, sustainable and—true to Tiny Footprint standards—certified organic.

We’re thrilled to be offering a coffee that so aptly reflects our commitments to these communities and the environment. Here at Tiny Footprint we strive to provide the best coffees through the best practices–and the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Dama cooperative double-washed is a great example. It’s the perfect cup of coffee to sip as we roll into fall. Keep an eye out for this coffee coming soon!

A clean and crisp high altitude coffee, this Guatemalan bean hails from a group of farmers in the Acatenango Valley. The farm is part of the Asproguate cooperative which contains around 150 small holder producers from both Acatenango (where this coffee is from) and Coban, a region in central Guatemala. The cooperative is committed to giving its shareholders access to the larger international coffee market. This access gives smaller farms the opportunity to grow their businesses, and it gives fervent coffee drinkers the chance to sip some of Guatemala’s finest coffees.

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The unique flavors in this coffee are cultivated by two primary factors. The high altitude of growth (1900-2000 meters) lends to the creation of bright and clean flavors in the coffee. This coffee is also characterized by the marked wet and dry seasons of Acetenango that create an ideal growing condition and allow for traditional sun drying methods to be used.

The Coop, whose mission is to establish fair trade among Guatemalan coffee growers,  produces around 1000 bags of coffee a year. These high quality micro lots are grown in nutrient dense  volcanic soil at an altitude as high as 2000 meters above sea level. Volcanic soil is particularly beneficial to coffee growers because of the abundance of nutrients it provides.

A roastery favorite, the cup of this Guatemalan is a dark semisweet chocolate treat with notes of apple and strawberry. Full flavored, it dissolves into a smooth buttery finish. We have roasted the bean to a perfect dark roast to wrap its best flavors in rich, golden dark roast body and bold aroma. Easy to drink, this coffee pairs perfectly with a lazy Sunday morning, as well as it does with an after Saturday night desert. You can pick up your own bag here.

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